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gandaki-hospital Who we are?

Western Regional Hospital is located at Ramghat, ward No.10 of Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan  city of Kaski district. It covers 207 ropanies (10.5 hectors) of land with boundary wall. Roads  in north, south and west sides surround it. It is located at the distance of about 1 Km from  the  center of the city, 2 km from the inter-city bus park and 3 Kms from the domestic airport.  Though this is a regional hospital and whole western region is the catchment’s area, patients  mainly from the surrounding districts use to visit this hospital. The people from other districts  of Terai area usually prefer to go to Kathmandu instead of going to Pokhara. Ten percent  beds are allocated for the poor peoples. Poor’s are justified by the departments Head/  reference letter of local authority level and direct observe to evaluate the condition of the  patients and his/her guardians by the Hospital Medical Superintendent.


How it all started?gandaki hospital

Western Regional Hospital was established at 2012 BS named as a “Soldiers Board Hospital” with strongly initiated by Major Bir Singh Gurung and his friends. In 2019 BS, this Hospital was handed over to the HMG of Nepal developed as a 15-beded pokhara Hospital. It became the District Hospital of Kaski. In 2032 BS, this Hospital and INF shining Hospital merge with the name of Gandaki Zonal Hospital with capacity of 50 beds. In 2043 BS, 100 beds were added to upgrade the zonal Hospital as a Regional Hospital with the bed capacity of 150. In 2046 BS, 50 more beds were added to make it a 200-beded Hospital. Till 2061 BS, 100 more beds were added to separate expansion of post operative and orthopedic ward. Maternity/Gynae and NCU wards also separate conducted at this period.