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Who we are ?

Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences (PoAHS) is one of the nine health science academies in Nepal. The academy, which runs postgraduate degrees of medical science, has been named after the beautiful tourist city Pokhara. The academy is located in Ramghat, Pokhara Metropolitan City-11 of Kaski district in Gandaki Province. This academy, which holds immense potential, is considered as a center of hope for medical education in Nepal.
PoAHS was established as an autonomous teaching and health institution by upgrading Western Regional Hospital through the Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences Act, 2072 passed by the House of Representatives. PoAHS has been serving people of the nation through medical education, health services and research.
The PoAHS has been established with the objective of producing skilled human resources through high-level studies and research in the field of health sciences and providing quality healthcare services law by the parliament as per Article 296 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal. The academy came into existence legally with the authentication of Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences Act, 2072 by the President. However, efforts to establish the PoAHS were berg made since 2069 BS
Although PoAHS came into existence in 2072 BS, it started classes on health sciences as per its objectives after a period of four years. At present, PoAHS has been offering Master programs in medical sciences. PoAHS regards 2019 AD as a milestone in its medical science education as 17 seats are allocated by the Nepal Medical Council for the first time to offer specialized programs in six disciplines
The PoAHS embarked on its journey of medical education by enrolling four students each in general surgery and Obs. & gynecology, three in orthopedics and two each in general medicine, pediatric and anesthesiology. At present, a total of 76 resident doctors are studying at the Master level in different disciplines in the first, second and third year. The PoAHS has also been developing infrastructure to offer Bachelor level programs like MBBS, B.Sc. Nursing, Public Health and Allied Health Sciences as well as superspecialized programs like DM and MCh.

PoAHS is an academy of health sciences with immense growth potential and easy accessibility, a large population and the beautiful environment of Pokhara. The murmuring Seti River flowing nearby and the towering Machchhapuchhre peak in the background adds to the beauty of the PoAHS. Further, different lakes, caves, temples and scenic hills the academic environment at the PoAHS.



Historical Background
It took 66 years for this institution to arrive at this stage of providing specialization in health education. It was established as 'Soldier Board Hospital' in 1957 AD. Major Bir Singh Gurung a retired Indian Army solider took the initiative to establish this institution.
The Soldier Board Hospital was handed over to the Government of Nepal in 1962 AD. Following the handover, the 15-bed hospital was converted into Kaski District Hospital. In 1976 AD, the district hospital, following its adjustment with the INF Shining Hospital, transformed into Gandaki Zonal Hospital. With this, the capacity of the hospital increased from 15 beds to 50 beds.
In 1986 AD, the capacity of Gandaki Zonal Hospital was increased to 150 beds and the hospital was upgraded to Western Regional Hospital. Three years later, the capacity was further raised to 200 beds by adding 50 beds.
Later in 1995 AD, 150 beds were added and different departments were extended, such as Obs. & gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Pediatric Department, Orthopedic Department, and Surgery Department.

In 2069 BS, an Organization and Management Survey was carried out upgrading Western Regional Hospital to 500 beds. Western Regional Hospital being one of the biggest government hospitals of Nepal became the backbone for establishing an academic institute. Ministry of Health and Population took initiative by forming a high-level committee of doctors to study the feasibility of establishing a health science institute in Pokhara After an extensive study work the committee recommended appropriateness of converting Western Regional Hospital into Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences through an Act. The Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences Act, 2072 bill was passed by the Parliament and it came into effect on 12 Magh 2072 with the authentication by the President of Nepal. The motto of Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences is to provide high-level studies and research in the field of health sciences to produce the necessary skilled manpower for the country and to provide quality health services to the people without any hassles.

Four years after the enactment of the legislation, the Nepal Medical Council allotted the POAHS 17 seats to conduct specialized health programs after conducting needful study and monitoring. In 2020 AD. after entrance examination, POAHS enrolled the first batch students for MD/MS programs. Since then, PoAHS has been taking forward academic, research and health services simultaneously. It has already set up the necessary infrastructure to start B.Sc. Nursing program by 2023 AD. Efforts and work are currently under way to launch MBBS program by 2024 AD.