Message From Vice Chancellor

Professor Doctor Duk Bahadur Chhetri





Established in 2072 BS, Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences (hereafter, POAHS) occupies perennial status by being the only medical institute for postgraduates in Gandaki Province at government level. In a short period of time, this institution is marching towards excellence by making continuous and rigorous efforts to disseminate knowledge, transfer skills, promote medical education, innovate research, and contribute to establishing a healthy society. The academy equips students with technical, medical, and professional knowledge and provides an environment that encourages research, innovation, and critical thinking and prepares them to face the challenges of life ahead. I am honored to take over as PoAHS's educational leader.
As the Vice-Chancellor, I am capable of fully embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and will take this unique opportunity to help shape the future of medical education and research at this institution. Since my appointment, Western Regional Hospital has got its own oxygen plants with central supply to the beds of patient wards, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab) and successful Kidney Transplantation. PoAHS has launched various health-related programs of the Ministry of Health and Population.
The Academy's success is based on a blend of glorious traditions and innovative approaches multiplied by the great potential of human resources. We are proud to be a unique educational and medical complex that graduates, certifies, and provides lifelong professional education for physicians and other healthcare workers that contribute significantly to domestic and global medicine. I am confident that our graduates will compete in the medical field throughout the globe..
I am sure you will find a program that meets your needs and interests in this prospect. I hope you will take full advantage of the post-graduate studies we offer and that you will join us as we strive for ever greater heights of academic and research excellence. In addition, the Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences is a milestone in providing not only basic health services but advanced quality services as well to uplift and maintain the health of the people of Nepal
Prof. Dr. Duk Bahadur Chhetri
Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences

Message from the Dean

First of all, I would like to welcome you to PoAHS. It was established in 2072 B.S. by upgrading Western Regional Hospital according to Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences Act passed by House of Representatives. It is the one and only government level medical institute in whole Gandaki province.Our academic teams are determined to provide quality education in the field of health sciences to produce world class health professionals. I personally believe Pokhara is blessed geographically with pleasant, soothing and beautiful nature like mountains, hills, lakes and rivers which makes it an ideal place to study the toughest subjects like medical sciences.
We started our PG programmes since 2076 B.S. Currently we offer PG programmes in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Anaesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ottorhinolaryngology-Head and neck surgery, Radiology and Pathology. We have 76 residents in total (including 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of all programmes). We are anticipated to conduct final exams for final year residents and provide our nation with qualified specialized doctors who will serve different parts of our country.
We further plan to extend our educational activity by starting PG programmes in other courses as well, MBBS, BDS, B.Sc. Nursing and Allied Sciences programmes. We have prepared infrastructures to make sure that B.Sc. Nursing programme starts this fiscal year and we are working on infrastructures to ensure we start MBBS programme by 2024 AD.
If you are considering POAHS for any courses we are offering, I invite you to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that we have. Be a part of it and experience the evolution of being a skilled, qualified and responsible health professional.
All the best for the bright future.
Prof. Dr. Shree Krishna Shrestha.
Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences

Message from the Director

Professor Doctor Bharat Bahadur Khatri





Late Major Bir Singh Gurung, in the year 2013 (B.S.) established the Soldier Board Hospital mobilizing Post War Reconstruction Fund designated in the honor of soldiers lost their lives in the first and second world war. The initiative was supported by a number of landowners and Gurung's friends In 2019 (BS), the hospital was handed over to the Government of Nepal which added 15 beds before turning it into Kaski District Hospital. The Shining Hospital, a non-government venture operated by International Nepal Fellowship (INF) came into operation under the name of Gandaki Regional Hospital with 50 beds in the year 2032 (BS) after merging this hospital. In 2043(BS), 100 beds were added, and the facility was later transformed into 150 bedded Western Zonal Hospital. Subsequently, 50 beds were added in 2046, 150 beds were added in 2061 (BS). Following the Organization and Management Survey (O&M) in 2069, a number of staff were added, while bed capacity was increased to 500. The hospital is the biggest government health care facility in the western region of the country.
After the democratic republican constitution of Nepal was promulgated, in accordance with the policy of the government of Nepal to establish a medical college at the government level, in 2072 (BS), the Western Regional Hospital was arranged for high-level studies and research in the field of health sciences to produce the necessary skilled population for the country and to provide easily accessible and quality health services to the general public. In accordance with the Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences Act 2072, established by the Legislature Parliament to develop Pokhara as a Health Science Institute, Western Regional Hospital has been established and is operating as Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences.
Prof. Dr. Bharat Bahadur Khatri
Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences